Dr. Vuppala Subbarao

About Me:

I dr. Subbarao had done post graduation in department of Pediatrics in one of the top collages in india, Manipal university at Mangalore,karnataka. Manipal is known for best professors and best quality of treatment, where I was well trained in managing NICU and PICU, performing emergency intubations, and managing ventilator and high frequency ventilators cases. I am very efficient in providing treatment for various child related issues like child development and growth problems, frequent infections, blood born diseases, genetic problems, nutritional deficiencies, allergies and asthma etc. After my post graduation I had done fellowship in neonatology (newborn care) in Sowmya children hospital hyderabad under the guidance of ex HOD and professor Niloufer Hospital. Where I attained a degree from National Neonatal Forum which a body developed by government of India exclusively for newborn care. Where I was trained in managing all newborn problems such as pre-term babies, low- birth weight, jaundice, neonatal emergencies. I believe in providing loving care to children as they are most precious to every parent. Children are the future generation so I strive to provide a healthy next generation. I am currently working at SaiSudha Hospitals which is believed by localities in provide best promising treatment since established which provoked me to join their association. Saisudha has best equipment, environment and nursing care specially for children which allows me to provide best treatment available to all children.