About Us


Established in 1989, Sai Sudha Hospital is run by Dr. Ravi Vadrevu and his wife Dr. Lalitha along with a zealous team of 70 consultant doctors, nurses, counselors and staff. Incepted as a ‘people-friendly’ hospital, Sai Sudha Hospital for two decades has been an epitome, delivering quality patient care which is affordable and easily accessible to all segments of the society. This multi-specialty hospital is equipped with the latest technological advancements in the world of medical science thereby being able to offer international standard healthcare services.

Dr. Ravi Vadrevu’s

passion and dedication towards the community is conspicuous. He has guided the hospital to surpass all limits to be able to achieve the best medical outcomes. Being a well-renowned Dermatologist, in 1987 he started ‘Sudha Skin Clinic’ – One of the first Specialty Clinics in Kakinada. From there on, he observed that there was exponential growth and demand for affordable healthcare services in the thickly populated coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. He noticed that most patients had to travel to metropolitan cities for consultation or medical services. His aim was to start a hospital with advanced technologies that is easily accessible and affordable in the coastal region, where patients can have direct contact with specialized doctors and can avail the best in medical care and advice. His passion and commitment to provide quality healthcare that can be easily accessible, inspired him to establish Sai Sudha Hospital.

Dr. Ravi Vadrevu is acknowledged as one among the ‘Top 5’ doctors in the country. He is also the only doctor in the country to treat severe cases of ‘pemphigus’ and ‘psoriasis’.  Under his leadership, the hospital has successfully treated many patients, skillfully managing both clinical and administrative tasks. Over the past couple of years, the hospital has achieved tremendous success rates in treating diverse dermatological and other general health conditions making it one of the best hospitals in the Godavari districts. Almost 150-200 out-patients are treated every day with cases ranging from dermatology and general surgery to infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis.

With comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical care, the hospital maintains its tradition of excellence that provides quality healthcare coupled with a personal touch. Apart from this, every year a number of patients come from around the world for specialized medical care. The hospital has delivered unmatched healthcare services to many international patients and provides them special rooms with adequate facilities, comfort and care. 

Dr. Ravi Vadrevu has also helped set up the most modern laboratory facility with the establishment of ‘Medilabs’  – The first of its kind in the coastal district. Equipped with the latest machinery, Sai Sudha Hospital has dedicated an entire floor in their building to Medilabs that includes  a tele-medicine wing, a biochemistry analyzer, Horiba hematology analyzer, Yorco incubator, fluorescent microscope and Bact alert 3D system to name a few. This provides speedy detection and accurate results that caters to all sections of the population in the district.


  • Dr Ravi is one of the ‘Top 5’ doctors in the country to treat Psoriasis.
  • First Hospital to have NICU in the entire coastal region of AP and the ONLY hospital in town to have a fully equipped NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) where they have treated more than 500 cases successfully.
  • The first hospital to get the latest cosmetology equipment apart from the common laser machine.
  • Complex treatments for conditions such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, etc., in women have been successfully performed.
  • The only hospital to have comprehensive in-patient Dermatology services.
  • Dr. Ravi is one of the ‘Top Specialists’ to treat HIV patients.
  • The only hospital under Dr. Ravi’s care to sell medicines on a cost-to-cost basis.

Sai Sudha Hospital has been highly successful in serving patient needs, especially for those with life-threatening conditions. It has also played a major role in providing quality healthcare to the developing region of Andhra Pradesh and hopes to continue to perform consistently in offering the best of services to all segments of the society.