The Urology department of Sai Sudha Hospitals, has the best team of doctors who are trained from the most premium institutes and are experienced and equipped with the most recent technical advances in the science and craft of surgery. At Sai Sudha Hospitals, medical and surgical care in all aspects of ADULT AND PEDIATRIC UROLOGY are provided alongside patient oriented management in DIAGNOSTIC AND SURGICAL SERVICES for problems related to all genitourinary disorders.

Major Treatments and services:

  • Consultation.
  • All Major And Minor Surgeries.


1) ESWL – A method of treating kidney and ureteric stones without surgery. The positioning, focusing and delivery of shock waves are all controlled by advanced computerized system with safety cut-offs to prevent damage. Can go home same day.

2) PCNL – For stag horn and large kidney calculus. With minimal pain and discomfort and patients can go home in 48-72 hours.

3) ENDOUROLOGY – Kidney and ureteric, vesical, urethral calculus (PCNL,URS & Cystolitholapaxy). (surgery through a telescope, by avoiding the open procedures) including treatment of prostate enlargement (Bipolar-TURP), Bladder biopsy, bladder cancer (TURBT), urethral strictures (DVIU),

MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY (Keyhole or laparoscopic surgery)-For all Benign and Malignant genitourinary disease. Major advantage is less pain, small or no scar, early discharge and early return to work.

MALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION – Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Penile Curvature and Priapism.

INFERTILITY – Facilities for investigation of male infertility. Female infertility investigated by gynecologist .

UROLOGICAL CANCERS – With a backup of all investigation tools including MRI & CT scans and ultrasound including TRUS and Oncologists. We offer a comprehensive Uro-Oncology service.

FEMALE UROLOGY – Problems like OAB(going to the toilet frequently & urinary leak) and Stress incontinence (leaking of urine with cough and laughing or straining) are investigated and treated.

RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGY – Many reconstructive Urological surgeries are routinely done. (pyeloplasty, Urethroplasty, Hypospadias surgery).

EMERGENCY UROLOGY – Renal, Ureteral, Bladder, Urethral and penile trauma are investigated and treated with priority and with out delay.